From one of my favourite places in Agra; Sikandra. Also known as Akbar’s tomb. It’s a wonder how a place of such massive importance is mostly skipped by tourists. 


Her heart races and vision blurs. Breathing is hard too. Her faces is scrimped into a frown too obvious for everyone. Something doesn’t seem to be right with her. Actually, nothing seems to be right with her. Her coworker is yelling in front of her but she’s too far away to hear her.

Everyone around her frantically calls 911.

She’s now waking up in a hospital bed. With the same feeling of course but without the symptoms. There seems to be something pulling at her from everywhere. Like this air that’s thick is surrounding her.

Her loved ones surround her as she comes awake. She looks at them as if they’re strangers. It’s not that she’s lost her memory but her feelings. The thick sir separates her from everyone.

Her eyes want to well up and she wants to sob. She wants to have someone touch without this air between her. She wants to hear clearly and see with crispness.

Though, this all seems to be a dream as she is still I’m bed with a fake smile looking at all these faces without anything. Just this thick air.


Jeanloup Sieff, Michèle Girardon, Paris, 1956


I live in a castle made of glass.
I can see far and wide.
Mountains, birds, trees, rivers, and much more.
I can see a house within the trees and mountains.
People with red cheeks laughing with their live stock.
I see all this from my glass castle.

Without any doors or windows.

I scream but they don’t hear me.
I don’t feels the breeze they’re revelling in
I don’t hear the trees rustling
I don’t hear their laughter
I don’t feel the cold
I don’t feel the sun

I don’t feel anything in my glass castle.
I can only look and scream.

Without anyone to hear it.
Without anyone to care for it.

Because I live in a glass castle.

NASA released a satellite image of india in the evening during the festive holiday of diwali, the celebration of lights.

My heart


I’d like to just sit here and sip tea all day.


the grass is alive and it is dancing